God Gives Wisdom

God has created us and it is He who gives us wisdom.  Christ is with us and through Him all things can be overcome even the challenges of life. In the end we will be more than conquerors through Jesus that loves us and died for us.  God is faithful and if we follow Him surely our needs will be fulfilled.  Since, God fulfilled our need for forgiveness by the blood of His son Jesus Christ.  Then much more will He fulfill the needs of those that trust in Him.  For every good thing that we have received or will receive came from God.  For God is the creator and maker of all things.  I hear God in my heart calling us in the last days saying sanctify your heart you people of little faith.  For, if we listen to the message of the Lord we will live life more abundantly and will overcome all things through the power of God.  Even if we were to die for the Gospel we should be happy and not afraid.  God which is in Heaven sees our works and will reward us for them. Amen

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